Rated output

What is Peak kW output?

The rated electrical output of a photovoltaic system refers to the nominal peak watt rating of approved modules under standard test conditions (as identified by international standard IEC61215). This is not a 'per hour' rating of the system when installed at your project, but refers to the system's output under standard test conditions, which is an illumination level of 1000 W/m² (bright sunshine), a spectrum equivalent to AM1.5, and 25 degrees Celsius module temperature at the test.

BASIX assesses photovoltaic systems according to the electrical 'size' of the system (the rated electrical output expressed as peak kW) and the location of your proposed development.

A system's rated electrical output as stated by the manufacturer may be shown as peak kW, W, kW, Wp or Wpeak. If the rating is not shown on the panel, the manufacturer or supplier of a system should be able to advise you of the rated output for the system. This rating, expressed in kW, should be entered in the BASIX interface.

Converting from W to kW and from Peak kW to kWh

If the rated output of a system is expressed in watts (W), this figure will need to be divided by 1000 and entered as kilowatts (kW) in the BASIX interface. There is no need to provide BASIX with the average daily or kilowatt-hour (kWh) output of the system. BASIX will make this calculation for you based on the geographic location of the PV system.