Alternative assessments

If your design cannot be assessed by the BASIX assessment tool you may be eligible to apply for an Alternative Assessment.

What types of proposals may need an alternative assessment?

The alternative assessment will be appropriate where the proposed development:

  • is subject to specific heritage controls which conflict with the BASIX requirements
  • includes new technology that saves energy or water but is not reflected in the BASIX tool
  • is a large boarding house


Visit Heritage for more information
Visit New technology for more information
Visit Large boarding houses for more information


The process:

  1. Complete all the sections of the BASIX tool other than those that relate to the alternative assessment.
  2. Complete the Alternative assessment application form in the ‘BASIX Certificate’ section of the BASIX tool, and describe why an alternative assessment is appropriate for particular sections of the BASIX assessment.
  3. The Department makes an initial assessment of the application to decide if an alternative assessment is appropriate, and contacts you within 3 working days.
  4. If the Department decides that an alternative assessment is appropriate, it may request further information.

If the Department accepts your application, there is a turn-around time of at least 20 working days from the date of the application and an additional cost will apply.

For more information about BASIX assessment costs please visit BASIX certificate cost