Dwelling types

BASIX categorises projects for assessment into three distinct residential building types:

Definitions of these dwelling types can be found in our BASIX definitions. If you are unsure which BASIX residential building type applies to your project, you may need to show your building plans to the council or PCA.

Example residential dwellings and BASIX building type

Single dwellingMulti dwellingAlteration and addition
Single house on one lot Townhouse Addition to existing house
Bungalow Row house Swimming pool
One part of semi-detached home Terrace Basement or an attic
Cottage Residential flat building Sunroom
Secondary dwelling (Granny flat)   
(change of use or next to existing principal dwelling)
Dual occupancy Spa room
  Two houses on one lot Sauna
  Shoptop house  Secondary dwelling (Granny flat)
(conversion of existing habitable space)
  A new principal dwelling and a new Secondary dwelling (Granny flat)     


A council or certifying authority may consider that an "Exhibition home" or "Display home", despite its short-term use as a sales office or other non-residential purposes, is capable of being sold and occupied as a dwelling. If so, BASIX will apply to the "Exhibition home" or "Display home".