Using simulation for alterations and additions

These pages describe the process for applying to use Simulation for alterations and additions projects. You should familiarise yourself with the:

  1. Application process
  2. Modelling process
  3. Documentation requirements.

 You can also download this information as a PDF: BASIX Guide: Using Simulation for Alterations and Additions.

Simulation can allow greater design flexibility by trading performance between new building elements, and may be appropriate in situations where there are practical or legal constraints preventing full compliance with the BASIX requirements for alterations and additions. This could include:

  • heritage considerations
  • structural limitations
  • strata restrictions in unit buildings.

This guide does not cover situations where a construction type or product type is not available in the drop-down selections. Check with the BASIX helpdesk and they will be able to help you determine if you are eligible to use the Alternative Assessment process.

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