Application process

Before you start running simulations, we recommend that you contact the BASIX helpdesk to check whether Simulation will be permitted for your project.

To use Simulation for your alterations and additions project:

  1. Identify clearly why you believe that your project cannot fully comply with the BASIX Construction and Glazing commitments. At this stage, Simulation for alterations and additions is not available for:
    • design flexibility in the absence of specific heritage, structural or legal restrictions; or
    • purely aesthetic reasons.
  2. Contact the BASIX helpdesk and request permission to use Simulation for your alterations and additions project. You will be required to justify your request.

  3. If the BASIX helpdesk advises that you may use Simulation, run the Simulations in accordance with the following section.

  4. Once you have completed the Simulations and demonstrated acceptable thermal performance, submit the documentation to the BASIX helpdesk. The documentation required is listed in the final section of this guide.

  5. If the analysis and documentation is satisfactory, you will be given further instructions on how to apply for Alternative Assessment.
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