The design should manage breezes and allow for controlled ventilation while reducing uncontrolled air leakage. Ventilation is important for thermal comfort, air quality and moisture control.

Managing breezes involves:

  • using operable windows;
  • having windows on both sides of the dwelling for cross-ventilation;
  • landscaping and window layout to capture cooling breezes in summer;
  • landscaping and window layout to deflect cold breezes in winter; and
  • having high-level windows to allow hot air to escape and draw in cooler air from low-level windows.

Controlling ventilation involves:

  • using operable windows that seal well;
  • locating windows so they can be open and secure regardless of the weather;
  • installing weatherstripping and draught-sealing doors;
  • sealing the dwelling to minimise uncontrolled air leakage.

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