Reticulated recycled water

Reticulated recycled water is recycled water supplied by a water authority or central authority for non-potable use.

Note: reticulated recycled water may only be selected if your site is within the area serviced by a recognised recycled water scheme. Please contact your water provider to ensure that reticulated recycled water will be available for your development.

BASIX assesses reticulated recycled water based on:

  • Name of the reticulated alternative water scheme you will be connecting to
  • Uses the water from the alternative recycled water scheme will be allocated to– this is determined by the schemes operators

In most cases recycled water involves the treatment and re-use of sewage effluent, but recycled water can include any type of wastewater that has been captured and treated for reuse, such as; greywater or stormwater. The majority of recycled water schemes allow garden and toilet end use only, however some also allow connection for laundry (cold water washing machine) use.

If you believe your development is located in an area serviced by a reticulated alternative water supply and BASIX does not recognise this you need to contact the scheme provider for further information. Schemes can only be recognised in BASIX as a result of an application from the scheme operator and based on the scheme meeting certain approvals and criteria.

Multi-unit developments have the option of developing and operating a private recycled water scheme to capture, treat and distribute recycled water for their site. This is not a 'reticulated alternative water scheme' for the purposes of BASIX and is instead dealt with as a central on-site recycled/alternative water supply.

Further information:

For more information about reticulated alternative water schemes and the use of recycled water from these schemes contact your local council or local water utility.