For BASIX, water-efficient and energy-efficient clothes washers and dishwashers are available to unit developments only, to help meet the water and greenhouse gas targets. Appliances are not available for non-unit developments using the multi-dwelling tool (i.e. groups of single dwellings, townhouses etc.) or for applications within the single dwelling tool.

This interim concession was introduced on 1 July 2005 to assist unit developments in meeting water and greenhouse gas targets while appropriate alternative technologies and legislative frameworks are developed to support the wide-spread adoption of alternatives such as on-site recycled water systems and co-generation.

Clothes washers and dishwashers must be labeled according to the Water Efficiency Labeling and Standards Scheme (WELS) before they may be supplied for sale in Australia. If you will be utilizing water efficient appliances as part of your multi-unit development's water savings you need to nominate the efficiency or star rating in the on-line tool. Please note that the rating selected MUST match the rating of the appliances installed in the development and this needs to be signed off by the certifier.