Hot water recirculation systems

  • Hot water recirculation systems circulate the water in the hot water pipes back to the water heating system until the hot water at the fixture reaches the set temperature. All of the water is saved.
  • On-demand hot water recirculation systems are triggered by operation of the hot water tap, a switch or a sensor. There is a moderate amount of additional energy for the circulation pumping.
  • Continuous or timed hot water recirculation systems circulate the water continuously or for a period of time each day that is set on a timer. These systems can be nominated in BASIX will not improve your water because of the detrimental impact on energy consumption.

The installation of a hot water recirculation system will require discussion with your plumber/hydraulic designer, to ensure they understand the plumbing requirements for these systems, and factor this in during design/installation stages of the development. The system must be permanently connected to every hot water-using fixture located within the dwelling.

Further information and installation advice is available from the respective manufacturers of these systems.

Note: a hot water recirculation system is NOT an instantaneous hot water system. For further information on hot water systems, refer to the help notes within the 'Energy' section.